Nguguini secondary school was started in 1993 and did its first K.C.S.E.in 1996.It has remained as a one streamed mixed day school with 160 students. Academically it has registered an improvement in K.C.S.E. from a mean score of 3.3 in 2009  to 4.48in 2010 to5.45 in 2011.


  A transformed dynamic school responding effectively to the educational and behavioral needs of the students.


To equip and empower the students with knowledge and skills to be change agents in the society.


Diligence begets  excellence



   Core values are beliefs and practices that hold the school together. The four core values that guide the  school’s  educational operations are :

Integrity: To undertake all educational programmes  wholesomely guided by the principles and cannons of the teaching profession

Professionalism: To undertake all educational activities guided by the benchmarks of the teaching  profession.


Commitment:  To undertake all educational programmes with a willingness  to continuously invest the requisite energy and time thus effectively  engender competitiveness  and professionalism .


Innovation: To undertake all educational programmes with a willingness to progressively adapt to new ideas ; remain open to change  and  continuously seek out, acquire and implement best practices.


The school is also guided by other values like:




               -Self esteem





               -Team work

               -Courtesy among others

Principalsí Desk

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you all to this great institution.I take notice of the great support from the teaching and non …

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School farm

SIZE OE THE LAND : 10 acres with no title deed and part of it has been invaded by squatters.



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